The Brampton Beast are the first and only Canadian team in the East Coast Hockey League and we are proud to be one of their leading partners. With Cary Kaplan also being the President & GM of the Beast, we have a direct influence on making them one of the most successful teams in the league in only their first year.
The relationship between the Carleton Ravens and Cosmos Sports is unique and one of the first of its kind in Canada. Tasked to help bring University sports up to the next level in the country, Cosmos has used proven sales methods to help to re-establish the Football program as well as continued success in Basketball
"Direct sales can be a powerful tool for an arts organization... Cosmos Sports provided a team whose goals were our goals, whose voice was our voice and who executed a sales message while always providing our customers with the respect and excellent customer service that they have come to expect from Theatre Aquarius."
"This was our first year working with Cosmos. The team provided excellent service, helping us reach out effectively to our HPO family, and provided valuable information and guidance on moving forward with our marketing plans. As we move forward, it's been helpful having the Cosmos team assist us with strategic direction given their insight into our audience base." - Carol Kehoe, Executive Director, Philharmonic Orchestra.

Story of the Week

Edmonton Eskimos Search for Manager of Ticket Sales

Friday, January 23, 2015:

Cosmos Sports has been called upon by the Edmonton Eskimos to assist with their search for a Manager of Ticket Sales.  This executive search will require comprehensive outreach and research into the best candidates available in the Edmonton area.    

Throughout this process, Cosmos will be responsible for seeking out applicants, conducting pre-screenings, and providing input into the final recruitment decisions for this position.  Several different avenues will be utilized in the search for candidates including Cosmos’ own Sportshiring website.  It is Cosmos’ endeavour to find a candidate who not only has the management and ticket sales experience required, but also the passion and interest in working for the renowned Eskimos organization.  

This partnership is one in a longstanding business relationship between Cosmos and the Eskimos.  In the past, Cosmos has been called upon to assist in many different areas of the organization, these have included: ticket sales, revenue generation training, and Costco retail.