Cosmos Sports 2.0 – Revamped New Website

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Cosmos Sports is proud to announce that we have recently completed a revamp of our website The new website has been developed by IT and Creative Services Account Executive David Almeida to provide a fresh look to the company, while adhering to Cosmos Sports’ exceptional customer service by providing a more user-friendly layout. When users are navigating our website, they will be able to take full advantage of our enhanced navigation. Moreover, on pages with a lot of content, we have included a custom sort, making it simple to find the exact information that you are inquiring about. For example, when browsing the extensive list of clients that Cosmos Sports has worked with in the past, you are now able to sort by both sport and service to narrow down the clients shown.

Abhinav Nongmeikapam, the Director of IT and Creative Services, has stated that “Cosmos Sports is excited to launch a brand new website which is now very simple and user friendly for our customers (sports teams/organizations, sports fans and sports jobseekers). I would like to thank our IT and Creative Services department for all their hard work to put this great website together so that Cosmos can continue to provide exceptional services and winning results.” .

After visiting our website, make sure to let your friends and family know by taking advantage of our social media bar. The new social media bar is a quick way to share the website with all of the major social media outlets around the web including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and newly launched Google+. Come get connected with Cosmos Sports 2.0 and let us know what you think of the new site! .

For more information on setting up you teams or organizations website, web presence, and social media, contact Maxmillien Rosenberg at or 905 564 4660 ext. 227.

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