Cosmos Runs Successful nogginPro Inc Press Conference

Cosmos Sports helped Noggin Pro Inc. launch a new product called the Noggin™ at the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Esso Theatre. The Event was hosted by TSN’s Kate Beirness and featured some excellent guest speakers. The speakers included former NHL player Wendel Clark, Director of Kerry Goulet, President of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) Nat Rea, and the creator of the Noggin™ Armando Pagliari. Mr. Pagliari has over 20 years of experience in sports therapy treating professional athletes from the National Hockey League, Canadian Football League, and Major League Baseball. Not in attendance, but sending a quote was former MLB player Shawn Green who had this to say about the Noggin™

Based on the tests indicating the Noggin’s ability to provide additional protection to the head, I believe every player should wear a Noggin inside of their certified helmets.”

As a parent, Mr. Pagliari became concerned with the rising amount of head injuries in minor league sports, which motivated him to create a protective headwear that could be used by children as well as adults. The creation is a skull cap called the noggin™ and when worn in conjunction with a certified helmet, significantly reduces the impact to the head. Head injuries are such a growing concern in sport and no one made that more clear than Mr. Goulet. He gave a passionate and powerful speech about the issues of concussions and head injuries, and how we must educate ourselves and our children about the problem. He continued to say that education is the first step towards prevention. Laboratory results have shown that the Noggin, when worn under existing headgear, could improve the cushioning capacity of a helmet by 22 to 85 per cent, depending on the make and type of equipment. Mr. Pagliari was quoted saying

“It’s very simple … if I can put a product in between a helmet and a skull that’s going to soften the blow from an impact for a kid, that’s absolutely the first step…”

The noggin™ has been specially designed with strategically placed gel packs adhered to a stretchable, breathable fabric, made with 80% polyester and 20% spandex. The fabric is moisture wicking and a breathable material that is hygienic and comfortable to wear. The noggin™ is soft, form fitting and the elastic band allows the skull cap to fit snugly around your head, providing comfort under a helmet. The Noggin™ is currently available on the NogginPro Inc. website at, and is available in both children and adult sizes

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