Cosmos Sports Extends Partnership with Ottawa Senators

Senators banner

Cosmos Sports is proud to announce that we will be continuing our ongoing relationship with The Ottawa Senators. The Cosmos Sports team will be assisting the Senators in the 2013-2014 season with their outbound ticket sales, particularly the 3, 4 and 6 game packages. With the Ottawa Senators only having played 6 of their 41 total home games thus far, there is ample opportunity for Cosmos Sports to have a successful impact

In the past Cosmos Sports has helped a variety of organizations with their ticket sales including the Buffalo Bills, Soccer Canada, and Edmonton Eskimos, but this is the first time Cosmos Sports will be assisting a team in the National Hockey League. Cosmos Sports is excited about this new beginning with the Ottawa Senators and the future relationships that will be made from it.

The Senators next challenge comes tonight (November 7, 2013) vs. the Montreal Canadians, a game in which Cosmos has been focusing sales efforts on over the past week and a half. Selling tickets to a divisional rival has been fun as there is no love lost between fans of la Blue, Blanc, et Rouge and the Sens, especially with many Habs fans coming into Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre for the matchup.

Beyond tonight’s game, Cosmos will continue to increase sales through game packs, which have been popular among fans early in the outbound campaign. Cosmos looks forward to a long and successful ticket sales partnership with the Ottawa Senators

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