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Put on your theatre caps, because Theatre Aquarius is returning for another year! For the 2014-15 season, Theatre Aquarius will be putting on six spectacular shows, including the Christmas musical, Mary Poppins.

Originally a Disney film, Mary Poppins has become a beloved classic, and Theatre Aquarius is looking forward to translating that magic to the stage, where a jolly adventure can be expected to take place. Families will find the stage version of the play to be “practically perfect in every way”.

Cosmos Sports first began working with Theatre Aquarius in 2011, a relationship that has proved fruitful for both parties. Since Cosmos’s experience with Theatre Aquarius, they have worked with various entertainment properties, such as the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Shaw Festival, and the Harold Green Jewish Theatre.

Situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Theatre Aquarius has become a leader in Canadian theatre and a premier destination for theatregoers all around.


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