HPO And Cosmos Sports Set Sights On Another Successful Summer Campaign

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Cosmos Sports is extremely proud to announce its renewed partnership with one of its foremost entertainment partners – The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.  Since this partnership’s inception in 2013, it has grown to be one of Cosmos’ most consistently successful, and mutually beneficial partnerships in many respects.

This year’s partnership will see Cosmos’ sales team providing assistance with subscriber renewals through a targeted outbound call campaign.In addition, Cosmos will also aid with the facilitation of an email marketing campaign that is directed towards both regular attendees and those who attended a show for the first time last year.  Lastly, in an exciting development conceptualized for the first time in the history of the partnership, Cosmos’ scope of service will be further expanded with the team delving into group sales.

With the process becoming both seamless and highly sophisticated over the past four years, the HPO-Cosmos relationship illustrates how the Cosmos teams’ expertise effectively translates into the entertainment world.  Having been involved with a number of teams, leagues and organizations over the years, Cosmos continues to look for ways to apply sales and marketing strategies learned within the sports field, to a wider breadth of properties – particularly those within the realm of entertainment.

For additional information on Cosmos Sports’ services including ticket sales, marketing, branding, revenue generation training, and more, please visit http://www.cosmossports.com/index.php/services or call (905) 564-4660.

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