Cosmos Wins Big In Vegas (At ECHL Meetings)

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As part of the regular ECHL schedule, every summer the league hosts its summer Sales & Marketing meetings. Over the course of 3 days, teams from all across the league get together to hear from thought leaders (both from sports and outside of sports), as well as colleagues from other teams to discuss best practices.

The Brampton Beast have always seen the value in sending it’s staff to the conference. This year, Cosmos Directors Mike Miele,  Abhinav Nongmeikapam, and Evan Colborne also joined the Beast cohort. While a trip to Las Vegas was an obvious bonus, the conference itself offered a lot of value that Cosmos could not only bring back to apply to the Beast, but also for our other partners.

Here is a preview of some of the top takeaways:
Lead with Digital: For several years now, there has been plenty of discussion around monetizing digital assets. Sports & Entertainment properties have generally all hopped on the Social Media bandwagon, but have often wondered how those efforts were ultimately impacting their bottom line.

The one obvious way that properties are monetizing this new audience is through sponsorship & advertising. However, over the last few years, this inventory has often been treated as a bonus, or a last minute throw-in. This is in large part due to the fact that teams struggled to quantify its value.

Today, there are more tools and techniques at everyone’s disposal to understand what this audience is worth to potential sponsors, and how your team can strategically leverage it, without annoying your fans with more advertising. Progressive organizations are also now recognizing where & when it makes sense to lead with Digital as the the prime inventory.
Face to Face: With all this talk about digital, it’s easy to start thinking that everything is moving towards a more digital solution.

However, the ironic part is that Face to Face selling is making its resurgence as the most effective sales outlet. In the days before phones, sales people were forced to get face to face as they didn’t have any other choice. Insert the phone now a salesperson can be more productive as they don’t have to leave their desk to make sales. Then along comes email. You see where this is going.

Not surprisingly, face-to-face has re-emerged as the chosen method of the most effective salespeople. According to stats from the NBA’s TMBO, face-to-face results in 25% greater spend compared to over the phone.

A/B Test: A concept that has long been used in the technology/digital marketing world was discussed during a presentation from the Vice President of Marketing for the Arizona Coyotes, Josh Margulies. Josh spoke about how he encourages his team to A/B test everything, particularly during his first year on the job. The benefit of most of the new digital marketing technologies out there is that they provide data and insight. The old adage of “half of my marketing works, I just don’t know which half” is starting to lean more in the marketers favour. It’s up to the Sports & Entertainment organizations to use the data that’s at their disposal, to make informed marketing decisions.

While difficult to sum up a 3 day conference in 500 words, these were some of the top takeaways that can apply to any sports & entertainment organization.

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