Cosmos leads Sponsorship workshop

Sponsorship Workshop

Last Thursday, in partnership with Central Counties Tourism and Sport Durham, Cosmos led a workshop on How to Sell Sponsorships for a group of 70 attendees from a wide variety of organizations. The full day workshop was held at the Ajax Convention Centre.


The morning was led by Cosmos Director of Business Development Evan Colborne, and Manager of Business Operations Rebecca Meneray. The discussion focused primarily on Marketing and Digital Media, with ties back to how optimizing these areas can lead to improved sponsorship development. Sponsorship can at times be viewed as it’s own beast, but at the end of the day, sponsorship is a marketing & branding tactic that ultimately needs to lead to revenue. As professionals seeking sponsorship, a strong understanding of modern marketing principles can be tremendously helpful.

The afternoon was led by Cosmos President Cary Kaplan, and focused more squarely on sponsorship sales. Cary shared some of his expertise developed over his 20+ years of working in the industry. The interactive discussion, which was rooted in a Customer Centric approach, addressed topics such as who to approach for sponsorship, how to approach them, and how to value sponsorship inventory.

The workshop marked the first step in a year long partnership between Cosmos, Central Counties Tourism, and Sport Durham. Beginning in 2018, Cosmos will be leading a series of ten webinars focused on several sponsorship related topics. The workshop served as a good introduction to several of these topics, while the webinars will seek to delve much deeper.

Prior to partnering with Central Counties Tourism, in 2016 Cosmos completed a project with another regional tourism organization, RTO4, The scope of that project had Cosmos evaluating the feasibility of sponsorship for incoming events to the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge markets.

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If you were unable to attend the workshop but are interested in learning more about sponsorship and overall revenue generation, Cosmos will be releasing a podcast episode shortly that contains audio from the day. We also encourage those interested to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as we’ll be announcing the dates of the webinars there.

Lastly, if you’d like to see the slides that were presented at last week’s workshop, simply fill out the form below.

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