Ep.16 – Cary Kaplan’s Keynote from McMaster Sports Industry Conference

McMaster Conference

On today’s episode of the Cosmos Podcast, we have a keynote from Cosmos President Cary Kaplan. This recording was taken on March 16th at the McMaster Sports Industry Conference that was held at McMaster University.

Cary shared some tips on breaking into the sports industry as well as how to stand out once you’re working in it, including:

  • The importance of a strong work ethic
  • The most important skills for your career
  • What networking really means
  • The most important thing to understand when starting a business
  • And what a typical day working in sports looks like.

The event also featured talks from Matt Afinec of the Hamilton Ti-Cats, Graham Brown of U Sports and Glen Grunwald of McMaster University Athletics. Special thanks to Tyler and Gabriel from the McMaster Sports Business Association for having us out to the event.

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We hope you enjoy!

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