Ep.19 – Sponsorship Measurement and Analytics

Sponsorship Analytics

On today’s episode of the Cosmos Podcast we are continuing our special look at Sponsorship Measurement and Analytics. I’m joined this week once again by Cosmos President Cary Kaplan to discuss a topic that is getting more and more attention these days which is measurement, data and analytics, specifically around sponsorship

When other marketing channels such as Facebook or Google are offering marketers deep insight into how their campaigns are performing, it’s only natural that these same demands will start creeping into the sponsorship space. As we discuss, properties and rights holders may have been able to rely on selling the sizzle up until now, but will be asked going forward to provide more feedback and proof of ROI from the sponsorship investment.

This episode is part of a series Cosmos is hosting with Central Counties Tourism and Sport Durham, so special thanks to both those groups.

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We hope you enjoy!

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