What’s my sponsorship worth?: A Guide to Sponsorship Valuation

Sponsorship Valuation

Some of the most common questions with regards to sponsorship are:

What’s it worth?

How do I know how much to charge?

Can I really charge more than my direct competitor?

These are all fair questions that have to do with Sponsorship Valuation. Now I wish I could say that this guide will provide definitive answers to these questions, but sadly I don’t have that for you.

For as much research and study that have gone into pricing strategy, there still seems to be a ton we don’t understand about it. Further, as much as we’d like to get it down to an exact science, pricing will in all likelihood remain an art. Sure, we will become more informed through data, but at the end of the day when it comes to setting a price and going to market, I think the art side will remain.

So if this guide won’t provide an exact answer, then what will it provide? Well, it will discuss three techniques for understanding how to price your sponsorship inventory and to better appreciate the value you are creating for your sponsors. These techniques include:

  • The Benchmarking Approach
  • The Formula Approach
  • The Value Approach

Download the Guide to Sponsorship Valuation here:

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