Cosmos Sports & Entertainment Sweeps in New Partnership with CurlON

Cosmos Sports and Entertainment is pleased to announce its newest partnership with CurlON. For the next two years, Cosmos will be handling all sponsorship related tasks for the Ontario Curling Association.

 Cosmos has a long and successful history when handling sponsorship needs for various teams, leagues, and organizations around North America. They are looking forward to reconnecting with some of the many contacts they have created around the province over the years, which will put them in the right position to succeed during the partnership.  Cosmos couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to keep the tradition of “Winning the business” going with CurlON.

 Cary Kaplan, President of Cosmos Sports & Ent. said: “We are thrilled to partner with a historic organization like CurlON, for over 100 years they’ve operated on many of the base principles that Cosmos operates under—including hard-work and integrity, which is what is going to make this partnership a strong one”

“CurlON is excited to partner with Cosmos Sports in an effort to raise the sponsorship profile and increase our exposure provincially,” says CurlON Executive Director, Stephen Chenier.

 CurlON has existed since 1875, and operated under the name “Ontario Curling Association” until its 2016 rebrand—Since then, the organization has accumulated over 44,000 members and has affiliations with 192 curling clubs around Ontario. It is the official governing body of the great sport of curling in Southern Ontario and has been steadily growing in recent years.

 For more information on CurlON and their sponsorship needs, please contact Cosmos Director of Sales and Service– Justin Bernardo at

 And for additional information about Cosmos Sports & Entertainment services including ticket sales, corporate sponsorship, marketing, and digital media, please call 905-564-4660 or visit

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