About us


We are Cosmos Sports & Entertainment; a full service Marketing firm founded by husband and wife, Cary and Amelia Kaplan in 2003.
Prior to founding Cosmos Sports & Entertainment, Cary and Amelia were proud employees of the Edmonton Oilers, with Cary serving as President of their AHL team, the Hamilton Bulldogs. With strong roots based in sports marketing, Cary and Amelia set out to build a company whose core focus can be summed up by the slogan: “Win the Business”
At Cosmos, we are a collective of creative professionals with a shared passion for the sports & entertainment industry. We also share a common set of values and characteristics, which include: Integrity, strong worth ethic, positive attitude, creativity, teamwork, leadership, independence, confidence, urgency and  results orientation.
Never resting on our laurels, Cosmos Sports & Entertainment continues to focus on the fulfillment of our mission:
“Transforming employees into teammates, customers into fans, and organizations into champions, by providing exceptional service and winning results.”
While this mission may sound lofty, we believe that sports & entertainment organizations generally exhibit a tremendous passion towards the “performance” side of their operations. Our goal is to educate them to provide the same vigour to the sales, marketing, public relations, operations and administration that drive the organizations as a whole.
Since founding the company with a focus on Sports Marketing, Cosmos has expanded its portfolio of clients to include those from performing arts, festivals and entertainment as a whole. Since 2003, we have worked with thousands of sports teams, leagues, organizations, Universities and Colleges, governing bodies, corporations, media partners, retailers, athletes, job seekers and fans in our first several years in business (Click here to view our Current and Past clients)
We look forward to continuing to build our leadership role in the sports & entertainment marketing field.



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Maximize your Ticket sales with industry leaders in Outsourcing/Insourcing


Provide exceptional & supplemental sales in corporate sponsorship


Maximize your owned, earned and paid media by reaching the right people at the right time

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Tell your story and engage your audience online across all your digital platforms

Franchise Brokerage

For anyone interested in buying or selling a sports team

Full Service

Full business and management operations