Case Study – Edmonton Eskimos

Cosmos Scores a Ticketing Touchdown with the Eskis!

Executive Summary

As proud members of Canada’s “City of Champions”, the Edmonton Eskimos hold themselves to a Champions standard both on and off the field. With the team being perennial contenders on the field, attending an Eskimos game is a must see experience when in Edmonton between June – November.

However, despite posting consistently strong results on the field, and averaging the largest home crowds in the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Eskimos still had another level to achieve. This was in large part due to the capacity of their home venue, The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium.

Coming off a year in which they hosted the Grey Cup, the Eskimos were looking for ways to combat the “Grey Cup Hangover”. Team executives wanted to continue to grow their ticket base, while doubling down on providing quality service to all their fans. This is where they turned to Cosmos.

About the Edmonton Eskimos

Founded in 1949, the Edmonton Eskimos are a professional Canadian Football team, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Despite being founded in the late 40’s, the Eskimos are still one of the younger franchises competing in the CFL. Playing out of The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium, the Eskimos consistently find themselves amongst the top CFL teams in terms of annual attendance. The team also possesses a relatively unique ownership structure, with the team being community owned. On the field, the Eskimos are consistently a perennial contender, having won 14 Grey Cups in total, most recently in 2015.

The Challenge

Even though the Eskimos consistently rank amongst the top teams in the CFL in terms of ticket sales, and per game attendance, they recognized that they still had room to grow. This was in large part due to the capacity of their home venue, The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium. Originally built for the Commonwealth games hosted in Edmonton in 1978, the stadium boasts a seating capacity of 56,302, making it the largest stadium in Canada, not to mention the league. This large capacity means that the Eskimos must manufacture urgency for fans to purchase advance tickets, or fall victim to a “Walk up City” culture. Approaching this challenge from a glass half full mentality, the Eskimos saw their large capacity venue as an opportunity.

How we Helped

Leading up the 2011 CFL season, the Edmonton Eskimos partnered with Cosmos to supplement their outbound ticket sales efforts. Coming off a season where they hosted the Grey Cup, team executives wanted to combat the “Grey Cup hangover”, and ensure that the team was continuing to grow it’s ticket base.

In order to achieve this objective, Cosmos assembled a sales team who would work out of Mississauga, but would become members of the Eskimos sales team for all intents and purposes. This sales team would focus their efforts on outbound calls to portions of the Eskimos fan database that would otherwise have gone without a direct touch.

The goal of the Cosmos sales team was to reacquire Season Seat holders who had not renewed their seats in several years. The team would also focus on upselling single ticket purchasers into Flex Packs & Mini plans. Once the season kicked off, the Cosmos team transitioned to Group Sales, by once again focusing on leads who had not engaged with the team in several years.

Throughout the entire campaign, the Cosmos team sought to provide a personalized Fan Service experience, and gather important feedback directly from fans to help team executives with future decision making.


– Generated more than $115,000 in new revenue
– Sales team made more than 21,000 Total Calls
– Re-acquired more than 210 New Season Ticket Holders (average tenure of 3 years per seat after Cosmos sale)
– Sold more than 530 Flex Pack Tickets
– Organized More than 300 Group Tickets


“Trying to find ways to sell new season seats and combating the Grey Cup “hangover” for renewals, we outsourced some of our New Season Seat Sales to Cosmos Sports.

Since we have started we invested $14K and our return is well over $32K which includes approx 90 new season seats holders. Because we expect the average customer to renew at least for 2-3 additional years, we look at this as a $14,000 investment for anywhere between $90,000 – $120,000 in incremental revenue.

We also found them to be very professional and well trained. We have not received one complaint and they have made over 6000 calls”.

Greg Treble
Director of Business Operations
Edmonton Eskimo Football Club