Cosmos Sports is a Sports Management firm founded by former Hamilton Bulldogs president Cary Kaplan and his wife Amelia in 2003.

With the slogan to 'Win the Business', Cosmos Sports' mission is:

"Transforming employees into teammates, customers into fans, and sports organizations into champions, by providing exceptional service and winning results."

While this mission may sound lofty, we believe that sports organizations generally exhibit a tremendous passion towards the sport or sports of choice. Our goal is to educate them to provide the same vigour to the sales, marketing, public relations, operations and administration that drives the sports themselves.

Further, within our own company, we are similarly committed to service, delivery and results for our customers that is consistently at an exceptionally high level.

Cosmos Sports has worked with thousands of sports teams, leagues, organizations, Universities and Colleges, governing bodies, corporations, media partners, retailers, athletes, job seekers and fans in our first several years in business.

We look forward to continuing to build our leadership role in the sports marketing field.