Friday, January 18, 2013: Cosmos Sports is thrilled to expand its involvement with its most recent entertainment partnership, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO). The HPO is currently in the middle of their 2012/2013 season with 4 more exciting shows still to come! 

The HPO originated in the 1880s where the first orchestral ensemble was formed in Hamilton. In 1949, the HPO was founded as a professional ensemble and now under the leadership of James Sommerville (Music Director), the ensemble is one of the finest regional orchestras in Canada. 

Cosmos first partnered with the HPO in June 2012 to help with ticket sales for the current 2012/2013 season. The success working with the HPO on their ticket sales campaign has led to an extended partnership involving more of Cosmos’ services.

Carol Kehoe, the Executive Director at the HPO had this to say about the partnership: 
“This was our first year working with Cosmos. The team provided excellent service, helping us reach out effectively to our HPO family, and provided valuable information and guidance on moving forward with our marketing plans.”; 

Cosmos President along with the Director of Sales and Marketing, Cary Kaplan and Bryan McGahey, were in Hamilton this week to conduct a one-day training seminar based on increasing revenue for the HPO through ticket sales, marketing and branding. Overseen by the Director of Digital Media and I.T, Abhinav Nongmeikapam, Cosmos is currently working with the HPO on their customer database system, which includes organizing and cleaning out the various formats in their current records so that the HPO’s database will be one consolidated and unified system. This database restructuring will allow the HPO to have a more in-depth understanding and classification of their customer base, which will help future ticket sales, customer retention and increase revenue. 

The HPO’s next show in the series is coming up on February 9th, featuring Diana Panton with the HPO. The team at Cosmos is excited to continue to increase their partnership with the HPO! 

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