Thursday, September 18th, 2014:  The team at Cosmos Sports is happy to announce our new partnership with The Canadian Lacrosse League (CLax).  In 2011, CLax was founded by Paul St. John with a goal in mind to develop and better lacrosse as a sport.  CLax is a professional indoor lacrosse league based in Ontario and the league is headed in to its fourth season of operation.  Currently, there are five teams within the league; Barrie Blizzard, Durham Turfdogs, Niagara Lock Monsters, Ohsweken Demons and Southwest Cyclops.

The Canadian Lacrosse League hosts an annual tournament during the lacrosse season called, The Creator's Cup.  There is a strong meaning behind the tournament name because many people believe that,

"The game of lacrosse was played to show the Creator that his children were glad to be here on Earth & gave thanks that they were blessed enough to be able to play the Creator's game" - Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

The regular lacrosse season for CLax operates from January until April.  Last season's regular season champions turned out to be the Ohsweken Demons, with a final score of 7-1 over the Iroquois Ironmen, in late April.  Cosmos Sports will be assisting CLax with establishing the best possible marketing strategies and tools for the teams, players and league itself. 

Visit for more information about The Canadian Lacrosse League, the athletes and its events.  Join in the fun and experience Canada's official summer sport!