Friday, January 17, 2014: – Cosmos Sports is proud to announce its continued involvement with teams from the National Hockey League, as the St. Louis Blues have signed on to the Cosmos Retail Program for remainder of the 2014 season. The Blues were part of the program in 2011 for a two month period, generating an additional 500 single game tickets. The Retail Program has been very successful in generating new customers and increased revenue since the program began in 2008. Cosmos will look to drive attendance and generate new revenue for St. Louis through the program’s exposure to new clientele. The program works by selling tickets and gift cards through displays in one of North America's largest retail chains. Cosmos has generated over $1 Million in revenue for partners since the beginning of the retail program.

After working with the Carolina Hurricanes, as well as assisting with outbound ticket sales for the Ottawa Senators, Cosmos Sports is no stranger to working with NHL sports teams. In 2011, Cosmos partnered with the Carolina Hurricanes to promote the team within nearby retail locations. In addition to St. Louis and Carolina, Cosmos recently partnered with the Ottawa Senators for an outbound sales program. The Cosmos team focused on specific home games in the winter schedule to boost single ticket sales and fan support. In the previous two seasons, Cosmos generated 2100 tickets, with $140,000 in total revenue, for the Ottawa Senators through the Retail Program

Clients of the Retail Program and Cosmos Ticket Sales campaigns have seen considerable increases in sales through the generation of new buyers, while also strengthening relationships with past customers. Working with organizations such as the Buffalo Bills, Edmonton Eskimos, and Soccer Canada, St. Louis hopes to benefit from the programs success

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