Friday, November 18th, 2011:November has taken on a new meaning in our lives. It is a time when men across the world dedicate themselves to the art of moustache growing in an attempt to raise money for Prostate Cancer and partake in the month of Movember. This year, the team at CosMOs Sports came together, put their razors in the cupboard for 30 days and formed a Movember team to raise money for a great cause..

Vice President, Amelia Kaplan has a personal connection to the cause and is especially proud of the Cosmos team and their efforts:.

“As someone who has had their family personally afflicted by Prostate Cancer I was very happy and touched at the effort put forth by our Cosmos Movember team. They, along with all the Movember supporters across Canada and the World have made a huge difference to support this great cause.”.

At this point the Cosmos Sports team has raised over $1,200 and with a few days left in Movember there is still the opportunity to donate to our team by clicking here..

Thanks to all those that have donated to our team and the Movember cause!