Cosmos Sports leads Historic meeting for Canadian Football

Friday, June 19, 2015

The 2015 CIS Football Summit was held this past Friday, June the 12th in Ottawa, Ontario. This 1-day meeting brought together Athletic Directors and coaches from across the country, and encouraged open dialogue about the current state, and future potential of collegiate-level football in Canada.  Cosmos Sports was privileged to not only attend the summit, but also play an integral role in the day’s event. 

In the weeks prior to the summit, a survey was distributed to the 27 academic institutions associated with CIS football. Both Athletic Directors and Coaches were encouraged to pose questions as well as provide insight into areas they wished to see covered in the meeting.

Representing Cosmos Sports at the summit were President, Cary Kaplan, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Bryan McGahey. In attendance at the summit were 26 of the 27 CIS football institutions, and a number of individuals from across the country representing organizations including: the CFL, CWUAA, OUA, RSEQ, and Football Canada. 

Acting as facilitator for the day’s event, Cary ensured the topics posed by the member institutions were discussed in a comprehensive manner, and also encouraged further feedback and questioning, all in an effort to make the summit as beneficial and informative as possible for the attendees.  

The majority of the summit covered topics relating to CIS Football gameplay and strategic development of the sport itself. However, a substantial portion of time was also dedicated to covering topics that fell under the scope of sports marketing and brand development within the CIS football system. 

Following extensive discussion, attendees of the summit were also treated to a variety of speakers that included representatives from Football Canada, CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge, and even a brief revenue generation seminar from Cary himself.    

Peter Baxter of the CIS Football Taskforce, had this to say following the day’s meetings: 

"The CIS had a historic Football Summit where all the Athletic Directors and all the Head Coaches were present to discuss and come together on major topics including harmonization of rules across Conferences, recruiting regulations, marketing and other discussions that will help the CIS Task force build a Strategic Plan for the Future of University football. Cosmos Sports and Cary Kaplan facilitated the meeting of the 60 attendees, and did an excellent job in managing the discussion and bringing the group together towards common objectives. We want to thank them for being instrumental and effective in helping move CIS Football to another level in this country"

Cosmos Sports would like to thank the CIS and its member institutions for the opportunity to be a part of the development and facilitation of this high profile athletic summit.

For more information about Cosmos Sports services, please contact Sales and Marketing Director: Bryan McGahey at (905) 564-4660 ext. 224.