Cosmos Sports offers four-month unpaid internships each semester, for aspiring sports business professionals. You will be involved in the day-to-day operations of Cosmos Sports, actively working within several areas of the Cosmos Sports scope of business.

At Cosmos Sports, Account Executives (interns) have the opportunity to be involved in the numerous facets of the sports business world, focusing their hands-on learning in areas such as:

Marketing:- Designing Strategic Business Marketing Plans for Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Mount Allison University and Ultimate Fitness Gyms.

Ticket Sales:- Gain experience in the foundation of the sports business: ticket sales. Previous interns have worked with the Ottawa Senators, the MasterCard Memorial Cup, CTV Olympics, Trot Magazine, Carleton University Ravens, Canada Soccer, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, and the University of Alberta Golden Bears & Pandas.

Retail Sales:- Retail ticketing programs with Buffalo Bills, RBC Canadian Open, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto Rock, Science North, Hockley Valley Resort, Echo Valley and Flamboro Golf Courses.

Branding:- In addition to continuously building the Cosmos Sports brand, past interns have assisted with building the brands for our partners including the Brampton Beast, the only Canadian team in the ECHL.

Consulting:- Recent Interns have assisted with Revenue Generation Training and consulting for the 2014 FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup, the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and many more.

Recruiting Handling and operating human resource management for Canada's largest sports-specific job website; searching for quality candidates to fill sports industry positions for organizations such as Edmonton Eskimos, Toronto Rush of the AUDL, Canadian Lacrosse League, Brampton Beast and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Corporate Sponsorship:- Interns have the opportunity to gain experience in the planning, designing, & servicing corporate partners for the Toronto Rush, Brampton Beast and Canadian Lacrosse League.

Event Management:- Managing, brainstorming and contributing to events such as AUDL Championship Weekend III and game day operations for the ECHL’s Brampton Beast.

Digital Media/Graphic Design:- Managing the digital assets of Cosmos Sports,, Brampton Beast, CLAX, and Toronto Rush. This includes websites and all their respected social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.). Interns also put their graphic design skills to work as they make templates for email blasts, brochures, business cards, website banners, etc.



 "Cosmos Sports has provided me with an in-depth look into how the Sport Industry functions. My four month internship with Cosmos surpassed all expectations I had going into it. It is an opportunity that allowed me to learn effective sales and marketing strategies as well as providing me with the self-confidence necessary to handle many different situations commonly seen in the sport marketplace. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is aspiring to find experience in the sport industry and expand their professional network."

Kevin Jarrett, 2014

""My time at Cosmos Sports has proved to be very valuable to me. As an Account Executive, I improved my skills in sales and marketing immensely, not to mention my overall confidence has now skyrocketed. The staff were very supportive, understanding, and professional, while challenging me to perform at my highest level through many different opportunities, inside and outside the office. These opportunities provided me with insight and allowed to me to see and participate in the entirety of the process, from organizing and marketing an event from the start, to executing it on game day. I would highly recommend the internship program at Cosmos to anyone and everyone, as it is the perfect first step for someone seeking a career in the sport industry"

Jimmy Huynh, 2014

"Cosmos Sports has provided me with the crucial skills and experience needed to be successful in the sports industry. Working with such a dedicated and supportive staff allowed me to learn, grow and contribute to a highly effective team of like-minded individuals. The Cosmos internship is the most valuable and rewarding experience for anyone who is looking to build a successful career in the sports industry. The training and support I have received from Cary Kaplan and the rest of the Cosmos staff has been an integral component to my development as a professional in the sports industry. My experience with Cosmos Sports has lead to a full-time position with the Brampton Beast Hockey Club as an Account Executive. I highly recommend Cosmos Sports and the opportunity they provide to develop your skills and knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry"

Andy Rawlinko, 2013 Senior Account Executive – Brampton Beast Hockey Club

 "Cosmos Sports provided me with the integral tools and experience to pursue my career in the highly competitive sports industry. The experience was life changing. Not only did my time at Cosmos provide me with invaluable experience, but my confidence also grew tremendously. I feel like a different person. The skills and knowledge that I developed have provided me with a huge advantage towards pursuing my dream of a career in sports. In fact, Cosmos Sports was an essential stepping stone and the key contributor that lead me to fulfill that dream and land a job with an organization in the OHL. I highly recommend the internship program to those who are serious and committed to pursuing a career in this industry. It's an opportunity of a life-time!"

Jake Windsor, 2012

"Cosmos Sports has been a critical aspect of my career moving forward. Not only did the four months spent as an Account Executive further my understanding of the sports industry and business, but it also provided me with essential life skills that I believe no other position would of given me, such as the critical analysis of problems and the ability to solve them. Cosmos Sports values and believes that every individual's thoughts and opinions are an essential aspect of the company and therefore even as an Account Executive, you are given lots of responsibility. I am extremely confident that if you are aspiring to start a career in the sports industry, Cary Kaplan and the Cosmos Sports team will provide you with the amazing training, and practical knowledge needed to excel in life and any path you aspire to pursue. It is definitely a valuable experience."

Ella Haley, 2012

 "Cosmos Sports offered me a unique skillset that I wouldn't have received at any university in Canada. Working there has developed my business skills and furthered my knowledge and experience in the sport industry. I would recommend it to anyone who has aspirations of working in the sport industry as it provides you the necessary tools to take you to the next level in your career."

Garret Daly, 2012

"Cosmos Sports internship program provided me with the tools and confidence I need to pursue a career in sports management. It's an opportunity like no other to learn the multiple aspects of sports marketing first hand, all the while being part of an amazing work environment. Within my 4 months here at Cosmos Sports I believe I have gained tremendous knowledge in numerous facets to successfully go onto a career in the sports marketing world. "

Milena D'Agostino, 2012

"The Cosmos Sports internship has been one of the best things that happened to my career. In an industry that is often tough or next to impossible for one to get an opening, not only did Cosmos give me an opportunity, but they also gave me the tools to succeed. I was given an opportunity to gain insight and contribute to every different facet of the company. It has increased my knowledge of the sports business tremendously and given me the confidence to tackle any issue with a positive and result oriented approach. I owe a great deal to Cosmos Sports for helping me excel in the Business of Sports and would highly recommend it to anyone out there with a passion for this business."

Shezad Sarkari, 2011

"The internship program at Cosmos Sports has helped me immensely in my understanding of the complex sports industry. As an intern, I was given real responsibilities that gave me insight into various facets of the industry and also provided me with the skills and confidence to enhance my career in Sports Management. This is an excellent program for anyone considering a career in this field.."  

Victoria Venutolo, 2011

"Cary and the staff at Cosmos Sports offered me great support and exiting work opportunities. With no previous sports business experience, the four month internship taught me more than I would have learned in any Sport Management program. If you are serious about working in the sports industry, I can't think of a better place to get your foot in the door than Cosmos Sports" 

Dave Geoffrey, 2010

"The Cosmos Sports internship gave me the opportunity and confidence that I needed to bring my creativity, and design skills to a professional level. I gained valuable experience in the IT field that I needed to progress to the next stage of my career. Anyone who is looking to get professional work experience in Information Technology and Design should begin at Cosmos Sports" 

Timothy Bilcke, 2010 IT & Creative Services Coordinator

"Cosmos Sports provided me with an extensive knowledge about the sports marketing world while allowing me to grow and flourish in the field. I was able to take on many different tasks during my internship. My time with Cosmos Sports has given me an enormous advantage towards achieving my goal of a career in the sports industry. I would recommend the internship program to anyone interested in learning about the sports industry" 

Tim Siad, 2010

"The Cosmos Sports internship program is a truly unique program that gave me the opportunity to work with various professional sports organizations. From game day operations to corporate partnerships, interns at Cosmos gave me the chance to challenge myself, improve my leadership skills and take on a significant amount of responsibility. Over the past four months I have gained a solid knowledge base of the sports industry and a great foundation for pursuing a career in sports marketing. An internship with Cosmos is a worthwhile investment if you plan to work in the sports industry" 

Katerine Sowden, 2010

"Interning at Cosmos Sports has provided me with the boost of confidence I needed to further pursue a career in the sports industry. At Cosmos Sports I have learned patience, persistence and integrity. I got hands on experience I wouldn't have received interning at another company, and the people I was working with were truly amazing and inspiring. I could easily say it had the best working environment I have seen so far.... definitely an experience I will never forget." 

Mariam Ekram, 2010

"During my four months with Cosmos, I was involved with many different aspects of the company, which helped broaden my knowledge of the sports industry. Getting to work with professional sports teams and having the chance to network with top executives in the field is more valuable than words can express. I can proudly say that my time at Cosmos Sports was an extremely rewarding and unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anybody looking for a career in sports." 

Ashleigh Upshaw, 2010

"Cosmos Sports is a great place to work if you are looking for a multi-faceted experience of the sports industry. You are immersed into a real world working environment surrounded by wonderful, hardworking people. This internship will provide you with many opportunities, if you choose to take advantage of them. Overall, it is an enlightening experience." 

Sharifa Wilkenson, 2010

"Cosmos Sports gave me something that is important for any internship - responsibility. I was involved in all aspects of the business which gave me a well rounded perspective of the sports industry. The leadership of Cosmos Sports provided me with the opportunity to succeed, which allowed me to further my career aspirations with a position at the Canadian Olympic Committee. For that, the experience is well worth the 4 month investment." 

Mike Dahiroc, 2009

"During my time at Cosmos Sports I was given the opportunity to be involved in several properties and was strongly encouraged to succeed above and beyond my daily requirement[...] I strongly recommend completing an internship with Cosmos Sports because they give you the tool and opportunities to be successful in the sports industry." 

Steven Rachkowski, 2009

"The accounts I worked on at Cosmos Sports provided me with an opportunity to operate in a professional environment. Being a Sports Account Executive supplied me with the skills necessary to succeed in the sport industry and to take on a larger role within a sport organization."  

Sean Loyst, 2009

"Cosmos Sports provided me with the experiences and networking opportunities to allow me to pursue a professional career in the sports industry." 

Jacob Barnes, 2009

"Interning at Cosmos has given me the experience in many of the important areas of sports business. The company is involved in so many different aspects of the industry." 

David Levine, 2008

"I have learned more in four months than I did in my previous 2 years of University. I am forever grateful for the exposure and knowledge Cosmos Sports has given me with my internship. 

Gurbaz Sidhu, 2008

"No Dollar amount could do justice to the experience and skills I learned..." 

James Gaby, 2007

"It has taught me many different things that could not be learned in a school environment" 

Jeff Beck, 2008

"From day one you are immersed within all aspects of the sports business world - everything is hands on and critical to the functioning of the business..." 

Shawn Beard, 2008

"...Being an Account Executive for Cosmos Sports is the perfect way to start way your career in sports..." 

Chris Ciolfi, 2008

" set me on the right path to put my foot through the door in the sports industry. If you want real experience, this is the right company..." 

Marlena Frankovic, 2008

"Interning with Cosmos Sports has allowed me to understand what it takes to make it in the business of sports. The knowledge and experience you gain from being involved with numerous sport properties cannot be taught in a classroom. This internship has allowed me to network and open doors for a career in the sports industry." 

Liam Niven, 2009

 "...I interned with Cosmos Sports and worked in many facets of the sports industry; dealing with many high profile clients..."

Matt Littlefield, 2006

"The breadth and depth of work I did with Cosmos Sports shattered my expectations for how well it would prepare me for the business of sports."