Friday, August 17th 2012:Hosted in the largest amateur athletic facility in the world, the MLS (Major League Soccer) National Sales Center (NSC) is changing the way that teams are recruiting the next generation of sales executives. As a highly selective sales training program, it provides a one-of-kind learning environment and exposure to the fundamentals of MLS ticket selling. The goal of the center is to develop top sales talent that can impact the growth of soccer nation. Since its inception in 2010, the NSC has produced 79 hires at 16 different teams, and has helped grow the average attendance of the MLS by 7.2%. With an average of 17,872 fans per game, MLS has now surpassed the NBA and NHL in average attendance and is quickly becoming part of the “Big 5” leagues in North America..

Just over a year ago, the MLS National Sales Center faced a unique situation; with teams expanding into Canada (now three with the Vancouver Whitecaps, Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact) they needed to find a way that their teams to the North could benefit from the graduates of the program. In comes Cosmos Sports. .

Cosmos Sports has been successfully assisting teams with recruitment since 2004. Having recruited executives for some of the top sports organizations in North America, a partnership seemed like a natural fit. .

Skip forward 14 months; the MLS National Sales Center and Cosmos Sports and have now successfully placed candidates with teams including the Vancouver Whitecaps and the reigning MLS Cup champion LA Galaxy..

Senior Manager of Sales with the National Sales Center, Jeff Berryhill had this to say about the success of the partnership to date:.

"With Major League Soccer growing to three teams in Canada, the National Sales Center has expanded along with it. Cosmos Sports has been a valuable partner in helping recruit top level dual citizen sales trainees to our program.".

Having now been around for 16 years and with the league continuing to grow annually, it’s almost hard to believe its humble beginnings. Many were quick to say that soccer was not a sport for North Americans; but by taking the road less travelled, MLS has established itself as a premier league, when no one thought they could.

For more information on the MLS National Sales Center training program, and how to apply please contact Evan Colborne at 1-905-564-4660 Ext. 237 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .

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