Friday, July 27th 2012:Whether it's on the ice in the desert or on the diamond in the Windy City, Cosmos Sports is making waves across the United States this summer.  Having barely touched back down in Toronto after spending last week in Iowa, Cosmos Sports President Cary Kaplan was off to Arizona to spend this week with the Phoenix Coyotes’ (NHL) new Inside Sales Team. 

Cosmos Sports is among the global industry leaders when it comes to sales & marketing training for the Sports Industry. It is the expertise and credibility of having worked with over 10,000 sports executives from over 400 teams and organizations worldwide that convinced the Coyotes that Cosmos Sports was the correct partner for them. 

The week spent in Arizona was an intense four (4) days of Revenue Generation Training (RGT) for the Coyotes as Cary taught a group of young and motivated new executives the essentials and importance of ticket sales for a professional sports organization. As the Coyotes continue to face some tough objections these days, it was vital for the Coyotes to have the Inside Sales Team ready to start selling tickets as soon as possible. Following the training, Cary shared his thoughts on the state of the organization, saying:

"I was very impressed with the Coyotes organization; and in particular their sales structure. With unparalleled obstacles associated with ownership uncertainty in Phoenix for the past 3 years; the staff has battled very hard and been successful. There is excellent enthusiasm, morale, and a team spirit that will serve them well; and will be appreciated by loyal fans and sponsors. It was a pleasure working with the Coyotes."

The week began with a day and a half of interactive classroom style training, learning Cosmos Sports’ proven ticket sales strategies. Days 2, 3 & 4 featured specifically designed mock call scenarios, one-on-one meetings, and were capped off by the new Inside Sales team getting on the phones and making live calls. To assist in the transition from practice calls to live calls, Cary was present to provide tips and suggestions as calls took place. The hands on coaching approach is one that has proven effective, especially with those new to ticket sales.

Manager of Inside Sales, Ian Winklmann had this to say about Cary Kaplan's training session:

"Cary Kaplan is a true industry expert and provided top notch training to help prepare my staff for best practices in their sales career. Many of the fundamentals will be used as a solid foundation and will stick with these reps as they continue to grow in the sports industry!" 

Cosmos Sports continues to grow it’s partnerships with the NHL and it’s teams having worked on revenue generation projects with the Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues and Carolina Hurricanes in addition to giving a presentation for the entire NHL at a league meeting in Toronto. 

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