Friday, August 15, 2014 - The Greater Ottawa area is in a resurgence of gaining corporate benefits for its employees and being one of the only fitness training facilities in Arnprior and Renfrew, Ontario, Ultimate Fitness will be sharing its certified and skilled trainers to the corporate world. 

Cosmos Sports is teaming up with 3 Time Strongest Man, Paul Vaillancourt, and Canadian Powerlifting Champion, Sarah Leighton, to construct a Corporate Wellness program that will provide healthier lifestyles for the Greater Ottawa community. This will not only increase productivity for its employers, but will also make employees of Arnprior and Renfrew feel more confident and better about themselves. Cosmos’ goal is to allow employers to provide the opportunity for its employees to live healthier and longer lives.

With Ultimate Fitness, Cosmos Sports plans to build the relationship and develop the experience with an industry that is different than past clients. Cosmos Sports plans to capitalize on this great opportunity to break into the fitness industry and assist other fitness training facilities like Ultimate Fitness, potentially increasing healthy habits among workers.

As this continues to progress, Cosmos Sports plans to exemplify to other corporations that providing healthy lifestyles and fitness is not only a benefit to its employees, but an opportunity to excel in the workforce.