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Get In The Game, Own A Sports Franchise!

Cosmos Sports, with the ambition to ‘Win the Business’, has rapidly established itself as an international industry leader. Cosmos Sports has unparalleled access to sports industry leaders and decision makers. We provide our unique services to existing and prospective sports franchise owners either looking to purchase or invest in a franchise; or similarly those considering a sale.

Working together with the Sports Advisory Group in the United States, we offer comprehensive mergers and acquisitions services to current team and league owners, prospective team and league owners, management companies, municipalities and venue operators. 

Cosmos Sports understand the complexity surrounding the purchase or sale in a franchise and we work with clients on a long term basis to build their sports business and investment portfolio. Our in depth industry knowledge allows is to quickly formulate strategic plans, identify potential acquisition and investment targets, initiate transaction discussions, conduct due diligence, and negotiate acceptable terms. 


Cosmos Sports provides expertise in:

• Identifying team transaction opportunities based on a client’s investment objectives;
• Conducting League, industry and market due diligence;
• Assessing the market viability and conditions;
• Determining an appropriate valuation for the franchise, facility and other assets;
• Providing counsel to clients and their lenders in helping secure acquisition financing;
• Negotiating relevant legal documentation and facilitating League approvals (if applicable);
• Managing the public relations around the transaction;
• Helping source key management executives post-acquisition;
• Aiding in leasing conditions and opportunities;
• Optimizing business models; and
• Preparing and scrutinizing marketing and sales plans.

If you want to make your dream of owning a sports franchise a reality, a call to Cosmos Sports is the best place to start.