Sports Hiring


 We are sports specialists. We hire only in sports, only for sports organizations, teams and leagues.

 We have trained over 400 sports organizations in ticket sales and revenue generation.

 Our president, Cary Kaplan, and our staff, have over 100 years of combined sports management experience.

 Our customers have given us great reviews on our process and service.


 We alleviate your busy day from the tedious hiring process.

 We handle all screening, searching, evaluation, interviewing, reviewing and recommending of top candidates.

We conduct a comprehensive '3 tiered interview process' with the organization entering the mix, only once top applicants have been scrutinized, and 'short listed'

We assist you in the final interview, reference check, and compensation discussions.


We offer the industry only double-guarantee service.

 (a) We first guarantee that the search remains open until the candidate is hired. While the vast majority of searches are conducted within 10 to 60 days, we will stay with the search until final hiring takes place.

 (b) If you hire a candidate and are not satisfied, or that candidate resigns in the first 30 days, we will re conduct the search at no charge.