Friday, February 15, 2013: Cary Kaplan has trained more than 400 sports teams, organizations, and leagues since the inception of Cosmos Sports into the business world in 2003. This past weekend, Kaplan travelled to Chicago, Illinois as part of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) Owner's Meetings. He spoke with executives from nine of the twelve league teams over the course of a 2 hour training session. A large snow storm on the eve of the conference almost prevented Kaplan from attending, but thorough planning allowed him to make alternate arrangements.

As part of the training, Kaplan provided each delegate with a sales and marketing handbook. This 32 page document outlined everything from marketing and promotions to branding and sponsorships. The purpose of this handbook was to strengthen each team's understanding of the core strategies needed for long-term league sustainability. Expanding on this document, Kaplan discussed ticket sales at length over the course of the training session. About to start only it's second season, the league is looking to take the sport of ultimate to the next level. Currently played by approximately 5 million athletes in North America, ultimate had never been viewed in a professional context until the formation of the AUDL. Kaplan stressed that by offering a high quality product at an affordable price, the league will be able to connect with the current Ultimate community while also expanding the reach of ultimate throughout each of its markets

The Hamilton Nationals of Major League Lacrosse are currently starting a search for a Vice President of Sales and Marketing to lead their executive team. This position will be working across the entire organization to develop and implement the club™s sales, marketing, and branding strategies. The focus of this campaign is to expand and strengthen the brand throughout the region through new partnerships and content platforms. Candidates must be able to communicate a clear vision to both internal and external stakeholders.

Kaplan is no stranger to both the sport of ultimate and the American Ultimate Disc League. Since August of last year Cosmos Sports has been working directly with the Toronto Rush, which is currently the sole Canadian team in the AUDL. Playing in the leagues Eastern Division as part of the 2013 expansion class, the Rush have hit the ground running. Cosmos has been working closely with Rob Lloyd, who is the majority owner of the Toronto Rush. Lloyd is also the lead investor of Ultimate Xperience Ventures, LLC, a company that recently acquired the majority interest of the AUDL. Lloyd and league commissioner Steve Gordon, decided that the presence of Cosmos Sports would be of great benefit to those in attendance at the Owner's Meetings.

Commissioner Gordon summarized the presentation by saying, "Cary made an introductory presentation to the AUDL Team Owners this weekend in Chicago and was an instant hit. While only having 2 hours to present, he made an immediate impact and quickly changed views on how we will handle ticket sales and sponsorship procurement going forward."

Cosmos Sports looks to play a large role in the continued success of both the Toronto Rush and the entire AUDL. The company's footprint can be seen in the revamped ticketing strategies that are now being implemented around the league. 

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