Many sports & entertainment organizations struggle with a similar challenge: too much to do, with too few resources. Cosmos offers organizations access to the resources of a full marketing department. With specialty in Owned, Earned, and Paid media, we strive to deliver the right message, to the right fan at the right time.



Failing the plan = planning to fail. In today’s marketing landscape, there are so many options that it requires a well thought out plan to make sure dollars are being spent effectively. Our team of Marketing Strategists have the experience to know what marketing channels best suit your organization’s brand.


Reassurance can be a powerful thing. Whether for a specific project, or on an ongoing basis, our team of professionals offers consultation to your organization on everything related to your marketing.


Organizations today have access to more data than ever before. However, data without insight is fairly useless. Our analysts can delve into your organization’s data to draw the insights needed to make informed decisions. We can also assist by putting in place the tools and infrastructure needed to collect this valuable data.


Knowledge is power. When your team is equipped with all the available data, decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence. Our team has experience with data collection at events, through focus groups, primary & secondary research and more.


Content is King. That statement has never been more true than it is today. Your fans and potential fans are craving more content. Our creative team designs content with the fan in mind, leading to high levels of engagement.

There is no denying the power of search engines these days. When looking for new information, the first thing many people will do is “Google it”. So to make sure that your potential fans are finding you online, it’s vital to have a strong search engine presence. Our team has experience in optimizing websites specifically for sports & entertainment organizations.

Sometimes Owned & Earned media just won’t cut it. Digital Advertising is a great way to reach your fans where they are spending a lot of their time already: online. Our team can handle all aspects of your Digital Advertising campaigns, from planning & creative, to execution and measurement.

Social media commands so much consumer attention these days that it really requires a specialized approach. Fans are craving entertaining and engaging content and will readily share the note worthy things they come across. Social media is in large part your brand’s voice and is too important to simply allow anyone to control. Our team of experts are experienced in crafting the right types of content, finding the balance between being engaging & promotional, and delivering an overall share worthy experience.

Earned Media can do wonderful things for your organization’s reputation in the community. But unless you are the main attraction in town, how do you cut through the clutter? Our communications specialists seek to build stories around your brand that not only appeal to your target audience, but also the relevant media.

A properly planned & executed Email Marketing program is one of the most effective ways of nurturing your leads to eventually become customers. However, like most marketing, a lot depends on timing. Our Email Marketing programs help drive engagement, but more importantly action from your distribution list.

Raise a hand if your first CRM was an Excel spreadsheet? If you’re like most sports & entertainment organizations, spreadsheets have been a mainstay for the sales department. A properly deployed CRM system can help keep your sales team organized, while also improving your organization’s relationship with its most valued asset: the fans.
When running a game, performance, or event, things have this tendency to get a bit hectic. Having experienced Event Managers with you from the planning phase through event day can not only ease the stress placed on your internal team, but lead to everyone leaving with a smile on their face.

Cosmos Sports and Entertainment have worked with dozens of organizations in a variety of branding capacities.
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