Team – Joshua Sinclair

Joshua Sinclair

Sports Account Executive

In 2019, Josh graduated from the University of Western Ontario specializing in Consumer Behaviour and is now pursuing a Post Graduate Certificate in Sport Business Management from Humber College.

During his time at Western, he worked as an intramural hockey referee which helped him develop his leadership and communication skills as he worked with many different players and officials. He has also worked for Convocation Flowers where he sold flowers and apparel at convocations all around Canada. The experience of dealing with many different customers has helped him advance his sales and interpersonal skills.

Josh has always had a strong passion for the sporting world as both a participant and a fan. He has played competitive hockey for 10 years and is an avid Maple Leafs and Raptors fan. His passion for sports has translated over to his desire to work and learn from industry leaders at Cosmos Sports.

Josh is excited to be working on the Toronto Rush account and is eager to learn more about the growing sport.