By Evan Colborne | November 20, 2017

In this new weekly segment, we’re curating the top stories in Canadian Sports Business from the week that was.

WNBA team for sale, MLSE should make a call: Smith

Something I’ve thought about for a while now as well. Of all the established pro leagues, a WNBA team now seems to be the obvious one missing from the GTA sports market. Unless anyone still thinks an NFL team makes sense. FULL STORY

The Flames have a ‘Do Not Draft’ list, and 5 other things we learned at the PrimeTime sports conference

Some great insight into the negotiations that led to the ScotiaBank Arena being the new home to the Leafs and Raptors. The name suggestions for the new arena were certainly interesting, but did someone seriously suggest “Scotia Air Centre”? FULL STORY

CFL comes to Halifax to talk expansion

As discussions for a tenth team heat up, Halifax is the obvious front runner. But this seems like a classic chicken & egg problem. The League won’t award the franchise unless there are owners and a facility plan. Owners won’t purchase the team until they know the facility situation. Local & provincial government won’t agree to any public funding unless they have a strong case to do so, which includes strong ownership, support from the league, and a plan for the facility…my head hurts.

Rugby Canada moves corporate offices to Langford centre

Canada’s Rugby governing body picks up and heads west to set up shop on Vancouver Island. They join Triathlon Canada and Rowing Canada as NSO’s that call Victoria home. Nothing against Richmond Hill, but if I had my choice, I think Victoria, BC wins this one. FULL STORY

Jen Gerson: On Calgary’s Olympic bid, economists say run away — fast

A report produced by the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee predicted the games would generate $2.19 billion in revenue from ticketing, merchandising, sponsorship and contributions from the International Olympics Committee. However, the Games would cost $4.6 billion to host, reigniting the debate about the spin off value of hosting events like the Winter Olympics. FULL STORY

Curling event a money maker for Summerside, city says

Drawing over 18,000 in attendance, and strong sponsorship dollars, the Road to Roar Curling event was deemed a huge success for  Summerside, PEI. FULL STORY

Park entrepreneur becomes golden boy

Canada’s Juice King becomes Golden Knight. Edmonton native, admitted Oilers fan, and Booster Juice founder, Dale Wishewan, becomes minority owner of Vegas Golden Knights. 

Will Kingston’s flagship arena get a name change in 2018?

Kingston City council has already approved the extension of the name through June of 2018 to avoid a name change mid season, as the original deal is set to expire February, 2018. 

Millions in TCC naming rights

Details of the Tribute Communities Centre naming rights deal have been released. For the City of Oshawa, the new naming partner represents a substantial step up in annual revenue. FULL STORY

Business, not politics, will drive potential Expos return: Jonah Keri

“Teams happen because someone writes a cheque,” Keri explained. “This is going to be a $2-billion enterprise between the new stadium and expansion or relocation. Coderre can’t write that cheque. The premier (Philippe Couillard) … (Canadian Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau … nobody can. That has to be private enterprise.” FULL STORY