Cosmos Sports & Entertainment's 20th Anniversary: A Reflection on Two Decades of Excellence

By Sam Adams | January 24, 2024

Cosmos Sports & Entertainment recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a remarkable event, bringing together the current Cosmos team and alumni who dedicated five or more years to the company. President Cary Kaplan shared his sentiments on the occasion, stating, “2023 was the 20th year of Cosmos Sports & Entertainment. In commemoration of that, we had a great event at Dave & Busters that brought together the current Cosmos team, with our alumni that had worked with us for 5 or more years.”

Kaplan emphasized the enduring role of sports and entertainment, stating, “As the world often brings harsh challenges, stresses, and obstacles — Sports & Entertainment, since time began, has always been a refuge where people can laugh, play, cheer, boo, scream, bond, escape, build lasting memories, be happy, and have pure fun.”

Reflecting on their two decades in the industry, Kaplan expressed gratitude, saying, “Amelia and I are proud to have been a small part of this amazing industry for the past two decades and thank the thousands of teammates (staff) and fans (customers) that have been part of ‘Our Cosmos’ and have taken this amazing ride with us so far.”

Looking ahead to the future, Kaplan expressed optimism, “We look forward to 2024 being the best year ever!” The event not only marked a significant milestone but also served as a poignant reflection on the enduring impact Cosmos Sports & Entertainment has had on both its team and the broader community of sports and entertainment enthusiasts.

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