Cosmos Sports & Entertainment Hits it Out of the Park with Toronto Maple Leafs Baseball Team Sale

By Isabelle Ferrante | February 8, 2024


Mississauga, Ont – February 8, 2024

Cosmos Sports & Entertainment is proud to announce a momentous milestone as we unveil the facilitated sale of the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team to new owners Keith Stein, Rob Godfrey and co. after a long and difficult process. The deal, valued at $1 million, received league approval and Leafs baseball, known for its long history in the city, will continue to bring Intercounty Baseball League (IBL) action to Christie Pits Park. 

“Cosmos Sports was essential in our purchase of the Leafs.  They managed things extremely professionally and efficiently, and without their involvement, this transaction might not have been possible,” Toronto native and new owner Stein said when asked about the sale process. He later added “We would use Cosmos again if we ever wanted to buy another sports team.”  

Cosmos Sports was brought on board to represent the Leafs in the sale process. Throughout that time, Cosmos President Cary Kaplan and the Leafs’ Chief Operating Officer Ty Crawford worked very hard to find a deal that would not only preserve, but also continue the team’s long history in the city. Many suggested a relocation or a deal at less money but thanks to Kaplan they held out for Stein’s group and they pride themselves in the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller involved in the transaction.

Cosmos Sports did an excellent job in managing all aspects of selling the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team for the maximum amount,” Crawford said. Without them, the deal would not have happened and I very strongly recommend their services to anyone who is hoping to sell their team.

As we celebrate this exciting new phase for the franchise, our team is committed to explore new opportunities for further expansion and success in the realm of sports ownership.


About Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team

The Toronto Maple Leafs of the Intercounty Baseball League (IBL) are a semi-professional baseball team with roots dating back to 1895 and have been playing at Christie Pits Park since 1969. 


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