Giovanna Annicchino Olivi, a dynamic professional hailing from Brazil, brings her vibrant energy and diverse skill set to the Marketing team at Cosmos Sports & Entertainment. At 25 years old, Giovanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Sports and Events Marketing at George Brown College, showcasing her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

With a fervent passion for all things media, visuals, sports, and entertainment, Giovanna channels her creativity and expertise into every project she undertakes. Boasting over three years of invaluable experience in social media management and press relations, she possesses a keen understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and brand communications.

Giovanna’s love for sports runs deep, having played soccer for years during her college tenure. She is also an avid Formula 1 enthusiast, with a particular affinity for Ferrari and McLaren. Additionally, she finds joy in watching and playing volleyball, further showcasing her versatile interests and passion for athletic pursuits.

Driven by a desire to create impactful experiences and forge lasting connections, Giovanna is eager to contribute her talents to the vibrant environment of Cosmos Sports & Entertainment. With a vision for innovation and a dedication to excellence, she looks forward to crafting memorable campaigns and achieving new milestones alongside her esteemed colleagues


Fun Facts:

FAVOURITE MOVIE: Ferris Buller Day Off, Tangled, Life is Beautiful, City of God, Central Station, A Dog’s Will

FAVOURITE TV SHOWS: Friends, MadMen, Game of Thrones, Modern Family,Ted Lasso, The Bear

FAVOURITE SPORTS/TEAMS: Sports: Soccer, Formula 1, Basketball and Volley… Teams: Liverpool, Inter Milan, Palmeiras, Miami Heat, Raptors, Mclaren, Ferrari




FAVOURITE MUSIC: Pop, Alternative, R&B, Rock, Eletronic, MPB

FAVOURITE ARTIST: Jão, Noah Kahan,Simple Plan, ABBA, Queen, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Coldplay

FAVOURITE BOOK: The Little Prince, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Throne of Glass

MY HOBBIES: watching movies and tv shows, going out exploring the city, paiting, photography, reading

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