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Cosmos Sports & Entertainment offers four-month unpaid internships each semester, for aspiring sports & entertainment business professionals. As an Account Executive (intern), you will have the opportunity to be involved in the numerous facets of the sports & entertainment business world. Your internship experience will provide you ample opportunities to learn, while also directly contributing to the business and our clients. We focus on your professional development by providing learning opportunities through: hands-on learning, classroom style training, and mentorship from full time staff.

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Brian Lange
Brian LangeDurham College, 2023
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"Speaking from the perspective of someone like myself who had the plan of pursuing a sales position after my post-secondary education, I can say that my internship with Cosmos from January through May of 2023 provided me with everything I could have asked for in terms of career preparation. Cosmos has a strong staff of full-time employees who I felt were not only dedicated to exceeding the personal milestones that they set out for themselves, but also ensured that interns (such as myself) were well trained and confident in their sales abilities. Admittedly, at least for myself, I always feel that starting a new position, whether it be an internship, part-time, or full-time, can be both stressful and exciting, as you are not sure what to expect in your new environment. After working at Cosmos for 4 months, I can personally say that working with the full-time sales team completely removed that ‘stress’ from beginning a new position. They worked countless hours with the interns to ensure that they were confident in their own sales abilities, which I personally found invaluable. The full-time Cosmos sales team has years of combined experience on their resumes. Combining the training you will receive from them on top of the training you will receive from Cary Kaplan, who has worked for decades in the sports industry and has led historically significant teams (such as the Hamilton Bulldogs and Brampton Beast) to both on and off-field successes are what I felt made this internship so invaluable. If you are a college or university student looking to build your skills and prepare yourself for a career in either a sports sales role or just a sales role in general, I would heavily recommend Cosmos as the company to undergo your placement for the reasons I have listed above."
Connor Hicks
Connor HicksNiagara College, 2022
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"I couldn’t have asked for a better place to kick off my career than Cosmos Sports and Entertainment. From the very first day of my internship, I felt welcomed and integrated into the team in a way that I never expected. Everybody is very helpful and encouraging while still managing to stay patient through the learning process. A lot of responsibility is thrown on you in this role, which is unusual for an internship, but it only helps you grow as a salesperson. From ownership to management, Cosmos has done a fantastic job of building their internship program from the ground up to become one of the leading workplaces for students. I am very proud to say that the team decided to hire me as a full-time employee upon completion of my internship, along with 2 others from my group, which just goes to show the level of respect given to interns at Cosmos."
ASHLEY CUNNINGHAMGeorge Brown College, 2022
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“My internship at Cosmos Sports was everything I hoped for. Not only was I lucky enough to create meaningful relationships with the full-time staff and other ‘rookies,’ but I was given many opportunities to help with different aspects of the organization. Although my main focus was sponsorship, I also helped out the social media and marketing team and was able to test my skills and gain significant experience in various areas of sport business. The work culture at Cosmos is so welcoming and inclusive, making me feel like a valuable team member rather than a traditional intern. The Cosmos Sports internship is ideal for anyone seeking practical and hands-on experience in the sport and event industry while contributing to the team’s overall success. My first four months were a great stepping stone to a rewarding career, and I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to seamlessly transition to a full-time Cosmos employee.”
Rob Parsons
Rob ParsonsUniversity of Ottawa, 2023
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"My internship at Cosmos was an exceptional experience that blended hands-on experience, supportive mentorship, and an inclusive environment. Cosmos not only provides interns with real-world projects, but also values the work done by interns while making them feel a part of the team as many of the full time staff were once interns at Cosmos themselves. There is consistent opportunity for learning, growth, and feedback from the organization. I am thankful for my time at Cosmos and the opportunity to learn as much as I have."
Jibin John
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“My time at Cosmos was a blend of professional growth and meaningful connections. Working alongside seasoned experts and fellow interns, I felt an instant sense of belonging and camaraderie. The nurturing environment fostered collaborative relationships that transcended traditional hierarchies, allowing me to contribute to diverse projects and learn from multiple perspectives. Though my primary focus was sponsorship, Cosmos allowed me to explore the broader landscape of sports marketing. Beyond sponsorships, I actively participated in dynamic outreach and client management. This comprehensive exposure honed my skills and unveiled my passion for versatile roles within the sports and entertainment business domain. What truly sets Cosmos apart is its culture. It’s more than just a workplace; it’s a community that values integrity, creativity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The inclusive work culture empowered me to embrace leadership and initiative, contributing ideas that were heard and embraced. My Cosmos Sports internship was a gateway to unparalleled hands-on experience in the sports and event industry. The organization’s commitment to providing interns with meaningful responsibilities shaped my understanding of the field. Every task, whether big or small, contributed to the team’s collective success. Reflecting on my journey, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to transition seamlessly from an intern to a full-time member of the Cosmos family. The past months have prepared me for a rewarding career and provided a nurturing space to learn, grow, and thrive. Cosmos Sports & Entertainment is a haven of learning, innovation, and limitless possibilities for those seeking an internship that transcends traditional roles. This experience has been the cornerstone of my journey, propelling me toward an exciting future in the sports and entertainment industry.”
Ethan Podlosky
Ethan PodloskyHumber College, 2022
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“Cosmos Sports and Entertainment has an amazing internship program. The staff are very inviting, inclusive and make you feel as you are a valued member of the team. I was fortunate to experience both sides of the organization (sales and sponsorship) as I did a two-term 8-month internship. On both sides of the company, I had felt like I was relied upon and was provided with excellent knowledge and feedback that has helped me grow as a professional and as a person. Cosmos Sports and Entertainment teaches you values and lessons that will remain with you throughout your entire life whatever route you choose. My favourite part about the internship is that I wasn’t just here to learn, I was able to contribute and be apart of the organization’s success. From the President to my coworkers, everyone was able to provide me with help, answer any of my questions I had, and put forth a selfless effort to help me grow as an individual entering the business world.”

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