CS&E teamed up with Gavin Roth to elevate our sponsorship division. Gavin is a consultant to CS&E and heads up our sponsorship team.

Prior to starting his agency (Gavin Roth + Associates) in 2017, Gavin held senior sales and marketing roles with the Canadian Football League, World Wrestling Entertainment, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, Rogers Media and Golf Canada.

Gavin is widely considered one of the most trusted and successful partnership architects in Canada. He brings 30 years of experience, is a sought-after speaker and sales coach, and has been instrumental in negotiating over $500MM+ in partnerships during his career.

Gavin Roth

Head of Partnerships

New Business, Sales Strategy, Sales Training, and Sponsorship Marketing

We are the leading Sponsorship Agency in Canada. From market research, prospecting strategies, to deal negotiation, our corporate sponsorship team has unrivalled experience and will assist your team in developing a creative, effective, and sustainable sponsorship plan.

Lead Building

In the search for corporate partners the big question is often “where do we start?” Our team can help point you in the right direction and take you through the process step-by-step. We start by conducting extensive market research. We then take on the task of developing a qualified list of prospects. All your team has to do is start making calls.

Sponsorship Valuation

Valuing your assets can be difficult, particularly when you have a substantial inventory and differing opinions as to what they can and should be sold for. Part art, part science… our proprietary Value Based category-specific approach will take the guesswork out of it. All industry accepted and based on extensive experience.

Sponsorship Sales Training

We know that corporate sponsorship prospecting and procurement comes with its own unique set of challenges and objections. Let us help you develop a customized training program that will give your team the confidence and tools to qualify leads, handle objections and successfully develop partnerships that benefit your team, event, or league.

Outsourced Sales

Our team has over 125 years of experience and has negotiated over $500 million in sponsorship deals. We can either compliment your current corporate sponsorship sales team, or we can take on fully outsourced corporate sponsorship operations, securing partnerships on your behalf from our extensive list of corporate contacts. 

Sponsorship Marketing

Subsequent to sponsor procurement, effective activation is a key component to any successful corporate sponsorship. Our team is experienced in activation strategy and development. We can help ensure that your sponsors’ dollars are being utilized in a way that is both effective and mutually beneficial.

Asset Valuation

Whether you are a new or existing property, we will work with you on developing a customized asset valuation for your primary assets (i.e. Title, Presenting, and Supporting). This will give you a defendable answer as to how much you can expect a sponsor to pay.

Measurement & Analytics

Today, there is more scrutiny than ever on generating ROI from corporate sponsorship programs. The challenge is, demonstrating that ROI. We have proprietary evaluation tools that will help you deliver the metrics & analytics your partners need to justify their investment and renew with your property.

Inventory Evaluation

Prospecting Strategy





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Gavin Roth
Gavin RothHead of Partnerships
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